Nazlı Ercan is a graphic designer. Her clients include Whitney Museum of American Art, Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art & Thought, Friends Indeed Gallery, O-R-G INC., Wkshps, and more. She received her B.A. in Art and Archeology from Princeton University in 2017. Please contact her for a full CV at

Client & Self-initiated Work

Rivers Institute for Contemporary Art & Thought

Rivers, Website Design & Development

After La vida nueva, Whitney ISP 2020 Catalogs

After La vida nueva, Whitney ISP 2020 Catalogs

Poster I designed for Whitney's staff art show, Westside Exposure

Whitney Museum of American Art

Eileen Quinlan artist book cover

Always Starts with an Encounter

Friends Indeed Gallery website

Friends Indeed Gallery

Japan Archipelago Of The House

Yale School of Architecture

Sample usage of the typeface I designed for Para Site Hong Kong

Para Site Hong Kong

Carnegie International Collateral Designs

Carnegie International

Sculpture Center Gallery Guide

Sculpture Center

Cover of PIN–UP Magazine 23rd Issue


3rd Design Bienial of Istanbul

3rd Design Biennial of Istanbul

sky website

Sky Archive

Under Consideration Scrolls

Under Consideration

Cookbook website

Recipes for Food

In Between typeface

In Between

Richard Mutt Case Typeface Boxes

Richard Mutt Case

Minus Front typeface

Helvetica Placed
on Arial (in Illustrator)

Color zooming on gif


Kandinsky website

Kandinsky's Point Forms

* * * *

Richard Mutt Case Towers
O-R-G Studio Portrait
Kandinsky website
Under Consideration
O-R-G Store
Under Consideration Scroll
Earring I made
Richard Mutt Case boxes
Richard Mutt Case boxes
Richard Mutt Case Box
Always Starts with an Encounter
Kandinsky website
Kandinsky website
Flower and type
Xerox affect
Window still